19 March 2013

19th March

Up early to get some work done - and spent a good hour sitting on the 'North Terrace' (i.e. the patio LOL) having a morning cuppa, eating my breakfast and playing ball with Baz.

Good idea playing ball downhill with an energetic dog - every time he dropped it the ball rolled away so he had to fetch it again - saved me  the job of bending to pick it up!

It is not easy taking photos of him though as he is SO quick and bouncy!

see what I mean...


I was listening to Judi Spiers on BBC  Radio Devon while getting dressed, making the bed etc after that  leisurely breakfast.

 I stood at my bedroom window while listening to the Carpenters’ ‘On Top Of The World’ – and confess to suddenly having a few tears. 

Blackbirds and thrushes were hopping across the lawn, there was a woodpecker busy at the fat ball hanger and chaffinches and different types of tit were squabbling on the other feeder. 

The catkins are out, the daffodils are in bloom; all the trees are starting to look green....

We moved from London to this lovely place called Devon a couple of months ago, but still feel that I am living a dream. The sun was lighting up the fields opposite and the view across our back garden to the Taw Valley was just so, so beautiful – it really did seem like I was standing 'on top of the world looking down on creation'.


Next door DownTheHill are having some work done, several lorries laden with big bags of what is something heavy (gravel?) have trundled down the shared drive these past couple of days. Me nosey? Nah! Nor is it a problem - as long as the drivers don't flatten our primrose bank like a previous one did!

Missed Baz completely in this one :-)


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