19 March 2013

video of Baz

Baz playing in the field with Adam on a frosty morning


  1. Hehe :o), that's what I call a happy dog! I guess he understands now what a lucky guy he is.
    Have a lovely evening

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Awww, gorgeous vid! How lovely to see him so free and happy!

  3. Great job with the video Adam! Baz looks to be really enjoying himself and what a handsome doggie he is!!

  4. Lynn M. West8:25 pm

    Warms the heart to see how elated Baz is to be free to be "he" & to be very loved.

  5. What a happy guy! That great smile at the end says it all!

  6. Thanks everyone - Baz is stretched out beside my desk (just given a huge sigh of contentment in between snores) It is a FOUL day outside - as he was found wandering as a stray, I can't help thinking what his day would have been like had he still been wandering abandoned.
    He is an absolute darling!


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