01 March 2013

On Owls...

28th  February
Heard the tawny owls again - two of them calling "t...wit" - "t..woo" to each other across our orchard. Kathy and I went out with the torch and found one of them in the tree behind the garage.

Annoyingly, because of my eyes being so frustratingly poor, I didn't see him - he flew off before we could get close enough.
Still, it is nice to know they are there.

We went on up the garden to feed the horses and say goodnight - and heard the distinctive "eek" call of the Barn Owl - leaning on the gate to the field we hoped to see it, but no luck, it seemed likely that it was hunting on the far side of our woods. 

Again, nice to know it is there though!

Hmm, must take a photo of the gate without the snow!

see also an update of 1st October - Wise Old Birds 


  1. Yes, the shriek of the barn owl is very distinctive, isn’t it? We had one here last year and it sent a chill down my back when I heard it.

  2. Eerie but also very beautiful - I believe the 'ancients' used to think the barn owl was a symbol of a passing-over spirit.

  3. Yep. I can understand why. We live in a small cottage up a dead-end track, tucked into a narrow Welsh valley, backing onto deep woods. Very 'Alan Garner' territory - and I'm sure the place is over run with 'presences.' :O


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