07 April 2013

2nd April

Bit of a to-do over giving Baz the dog his 2nd doggie vaccination - made difficult because Baz is terrified of getting in the car.
Being an abandoned dog we don't know his history - some trauma happened in a car though.

We are slowly getting him used to going near the car - he'll at least go up to it with the engine off now - but runs away with it on.

Taking things slowly though, one step at a time.

Which meant we couldn't put him in the car to take him to the vet for his jab.

Simple (if somewhat expensive) answer: the vet came to us.

What a lovely lady! Baz and I were waiting for her in the lane. She pulled up, turned the engine off and came to Baz to say hello (which involved some yummy, healthy, dog treats) she then went back to the car to get her things and called him to her - again for more treats.

So pleased all went OK. Another hurdle hurdled.


  1. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Oh, poor Baz, but sounds like he's gradually getting braver with cars. So glad to hear the vet was understanding, it makes such a difference!

  2. He's getting there. He ran to my study window this morning because he heard a van draw up (Postman) Must get him something to stand on so he can actually look out of the window!


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