30 April 2013

30th April - Spring has Sprung!

My turn to feed the horses and dog-walk this morning.
6.45 a.m. found me telling Squidgy the Exmoor, Lexie and Ishi off for kicking their doors - like impatient rowdy kids. Jasper is polite, he's been brung up proper - he doesn't do kicking doors.
 I told them I can only give out breakfast one at a time.

Then Baz and me on for our walk up through the fields. What an absolutely glorious morning!.

I'll let the photos show the rest....

The gate into Top Field, facing east

Fairy Trampolines! (well Ok, cobwebs in the grass)

The mist along the valley in the distance

You also have to imagine the air fresh and clean, and dozens of birds singing

Facing North. The Lane towards the Village
(you might just be able to see the church steeple poking upward in the distance)

Our bit of lane, leading to the farm

Very misty (a wren was singing in the tree to the right)

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