26 April 2013

The Tar-pawed Cat and the Cess Pit

25th - 26th April

What a couple of days we've had!

Thursday started off OK with all the usual things. Adam and Kathy were up at the stables, Ron was cleaning the moss and grime off the porch roof. I was in my study researching post-Roman Devon....

Ron decided to re-do the porch roof with bitumen (tar). It did look lovely, and now the rain won't drip through that somewhat leaky corner.
Only one problem.
Mab the cat still hasn't accepted the dog. She prefers to leave, and enter the house via the porch roof and the open bathroom window.

The porch is on the right, the bathroom window is the first one above it
 in the plain stone wall
Said bitumened roof now has paw prints across it. As does the bathroom floor and my bedroom carpet -  the cat was covered.

Kathy managed to grab her and together we got most of it off her paws and tummy and chest by washing her with washing up liquid, but you know cats and water.... Meanwhile Adam phoned the vet as we couldn't get it all off and as its toxic stuff and cats clean themselves, off to Bideford Veterinary Hospital we went, me clutching a very soggy, very tarry, very cross moggie.  Needless to say both Kathy and I were soaked - and also covered in tar. (Anyone want a tar-covered sweater?)

So a night at the vet for Mab after they had sedated and washed her thoroughly. She is now home, safe and well - but very indignant and cross.


This morning, Friday, the cesspit man came to empty it. THAT was most interesting! He comes with a tanker-type lorry and a great big long hose which sucks all the gunge out. (leaving a bit of a pong as well)  But all is done and he had a cuppa with us, and a nice chat.

We got the pressure hose out to clean up the small bit of residue left on the lawn and the drive... so OK, how many people do you know who pressure-hose cleans their back lawn???? *laugh*


To end on a good note:

The rhododendron bush in the front garden is beautiful.
Not sure my poor photography does it justice though, sorry.

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