07 April 2013

Saturday 6th April

What the photos I take don't show are the sounds.

The sheep - you can here the mums calling to the lambs (no pics yet, they are in the field behind the trees, so I can't see them.)

The sound of the tractor as the farmer comes to feed them (and the baas and bleets increase tenfold)

The helicopter - rare to see it this close, although we often hear it in the distance.... it's the air ambulance, and on this occasion hovering over towards Umberleigh:

In the woods you can here woodpeckers and pheasants. The waterfall rushes down the rocks - my wellies squelch in the mud, accompanied by the occasional curse...

The horses' hooves drum on the grass as if the hills are hollow. The wind in the trees sometimes sounds as if a train is hurtling down the valley... or the real train, the Tarka Line passes by from Exeter to Barnstaple, and back again: clackety clack, clackety clack, clackety, clickety, clackety-clack...

The blackbird singing, all the little birds twittering away...

And the smell. The pure, sweet, Devon air that is as intoxicating as champagne... well almost.

~ ~ ~

This is my evening walk with Baz.

Up the drive:

(this photo was taken in March -
the last one of our oold dog, Rum)

Past the daffs in front of the stables:

Up the lane:


Up the field (saying hello to Ishe, as we pass through)

Up to Top Field:

 then back down the lane:

to stop and photograph the most beautiful clump of primroses:

and to shed a few tears of emotion when I spot my lovely house through the primrose-laden hedgerow....

I love it here. Absolutely LOVE it
(oh dear, I'm going to cry again....)

and as I round the corner and head back to the house, the sun has set, dusk is drawing in... and I hear the tawny owl hoot from somewhere in our orchard...


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Ah, I love all those countryside sounds you describe! It all looks and sounds heavenly! A wonderful place to live! (Any idea when your "Escape to the Country" will be broadcast?)

  2. No information yet Debbie about Escape To The Country. We will (I think) be the last one on series 13.


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