07 April 2013

7th April

Had our neighbours from "up the hill" here this afternoon (well technically its across the hill, as their house is sort of beside us - but across the fields - however, you have to go UP the lane to get to it.)

They brought their three grandchildren over to say hello to the horses. What a lovely family Monty, Freddy and Freya - super children!

Granddad brought us a present of a milk bottle.
OK - not as weird as it sounds. The bottle comes from the time when Windfall Farm was a real farm - a dairy in fact, for the bottle has on it "Windfall Farm Dairy" (only of course it has the real name, not Windfall Farm - which is a made up pseudonym that I use to keep a little bit of privacy for us.)

It seems that the milkman who delivered the milk lived "up the hill", so I assume he got his milk here from "us".

View which meets me as I step out our front gate.
That white building is....
the Dairy
(pic taken last summer)
So now I need to do some research - I wonder how many cows were here?


  1. You really do live in a stunning place. It's so beautiful and the gift of this special milk bottle is a lovely idea.
    Have a great week

  2. Yes it is stunning - and I very much appreciate our good fortune.


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