09 April 2013

9th April. Baaa!

The noise here is.... noisy. The din is coming from the field at the back (which unfortunately we can't see as there is a copse in the way)

The noise is coming from Mummy sheep baaing to their offspring:
"Come here young Lambkins - don't you get lost"
"You come here and drink your milk."
"Don't you go running off or that nasty old fox will get you!"

Then we have said offspring yelling back :
"Mummy! Mummy! Look at me!"
"Wheee.... we're playing cops and robbers!"
"Pah, silly old fox won't catch me!"

then it changes to all the Mum's together:
"Quad bike!"

good grief - the noise! I reckon its louder than the rush hour traffic on the A406 North Circular Road that we used to hear *laugh*

And NO. I am NOT complaining.

~ ~ ~

On a more serious note. There is a downside to country living.
What is born, dies. Sometimes not in a very nice way.

We had an unpleasant find the other day. Kathy was tidying up the muck heap (which is in the corner of our bottom field) and found the remains of a lamb, just its back legs and quarters. It had obviously been half eaten - more than likely by a fox.

~ ~ ~

This afternoon Kathy & Adam were about to go out - we looked up the drive and there were about 30 sheep! Obviously escaped from somewhere.

They saw us and high-tailed it back up the lane - with Kathy & Adam in pursuit in an attempt to get in front of them, open a gate & shoosh them into a field.
Sheep were having none of it, though, they went all the way back up the lane.

Meanwhile I phoned our neighbour farmer.... but they weren't his sheep, so no idea where they came from.


  1. How cute... especially the first photo. Well, nature can be rather cruel... I think it every time, when my tomcat arrives with a mouse in his mouth.
    Lucky sheep that they found you... hope you're gonna find the owners or will you end up as sheep farmers too? :o)
    Have a lovely day

  2. Nature has its happy side and darker moments - another 'gift' was brought in this morning by Dear Cat.... sigh...


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