11 April 2013

The Seeking of the Shrew

 (with respect to Bill Shakespeare for partly pinching his title)

OK, so here's a new take on the children's rhyme and game 
"We're Going On A Bear Hunt"

 (link HERE  to Amazon.co.uk for the story book by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury)

This game must be played at around 7 a.m.
You have to be in bed, sound asleep before you can begin.


Let's go on a Shrew Hunt.....

"We're going on a shrew hunt.
We're going to catch a (very tiny) one.
We're not scared....."

Wardrobe. (peer under with the cat - )
Nope, not there...

Chest of drawers (stare under with the cat - )
Nope, not there...

Bed (scrabble under with the cat - )
Nope, not there...

Stool (cautiously peep behind with the cat - )
Nope, not there...

Bookcase (look behind, yes you've got it, with the cat -)
Nope, not there...

Linen basket (move it to one side.... mind the cat)
Nope, not there...

In my shoes... (pick one up, shake... where's the cat????!!!!! )

"Quick! Quick! There it goes!"


Needless to say the cat didn't catch it and now I have no idea where said shrew is - apart from somewhere upstairs.

Why Sybil had to bring it in and let it go in my bedroom in the first place will be today's unsolved mystery....
answers in the comment box below please :-)

info about shrews:


  1. Carolyn Schriber3:21 pm

    No mystery. It's a gift. She loves you.

  2. Ha! Gotta love what our cats bring in the house for us, eh?

  3. LOL - yes Carolyn, I guess she does - must love me a lot though, we get one every morning (except sadly, they are usually dead)
    Cathy, I suppose I should be grateful that at the moment they are only little shrews....

  4. EEEK, as well! Although it's better than a baby rabbit with it's head chewed off!

  5. Thanks a bundle Lynn - no doubt I have that to look forward to! :-/


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