30 May 2013

Baz and the Beach

As the better weather is (sort of) here we thought it was about time we took Baz to the beach:
The problem being he is still terrified of going anywhere near a car.

So in an effort to get him unafraid we tried a few encouraging tactics......

Come on Baz! Come join us!
In the end we plonked him in and drove off. He was a bit car sick (which could be why he's frightened) but we made a fuss of him and got to Instow Beach.

At first he had no idea what fun this was going to be - but soon cottoned on.....

Ooh. What's this?

and this...

... and this!

Hey! This is fun!

Baz! Come Baz!

Nothing like a paddle!

Digging for bones

Fetch it Baz!

Time to go home
Baz Woz 'Ere


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I wish I had a place like this to take my dogs. Is Baz a border collie mix?

    1. Baz ia a Colliador Ursula - a Collie Labrador cross. :-)

  2. Nothing better than the beach with your loved ones! We used to take our dogs (lab and lab cross) to the beach-both passed on now, but seeing your Baz reminds me of how much fun they had. Great photos!

    1. We've just got to get Baz over his fear of the car, then we can go to all sorts of places.

  3. Smile, that looks like a lot of fun! I guess, Baz is the happiest dog in the world.
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Yes I think Baz knows he is one lucky dog! You have a good weekend too Alex!


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