June 2nd - Fun at the Horse Show

We all went off to the North Devon Riding Club's horse show near Arlington today - 'all' being me and Ron, Kathy and Adam, and Lexie (and Baz the dog)

Beautiful - horse, rider, and view!
Pleased to report that Baz wasn't too bad in the horebox (not as frightened of it as the car) but he was still sick, so I reckon his nervousness is travel sickness. Have to get him some pills (any suggestions what is best for dogs?)

The show, once we got there, was good fun - really hot day in the sun, but the wind was cold - and what a view! The Devon countryside sure beats horse shows in Essex and London.

Kathy rode aside because she needs to get Lexie going under the side saddle because of the upcoming National Side Saddle Show.

photo Maria Hutley
Lexie played up a little bit, but considering we've hardly done any showing - or even schooling - lately that's not surprising. She did at least go forward (as opposed to refusing to budge the last time we went out!) Got two 4th place rosettes, so that was nice - and overall Lexie behaved.

Photo Maria Hutley
and there were a few gasps of amazement as Kathy put Lexie over the jump in the Riding Club Horse Class - I think a lot of people don't realise that it is perfectly possible to jump side saddle!

 (photo Maria Hutley)

Plus it was lovely sitting in a sheltered spot in the sun. Nice to have a day off now and then!

and here's a behind-the-scenes photo of the night before a show  - the hoodie is to keep Lexie clean and her plaits intact overnight...Lycra Lexie! LOL

Bathorse and Dobbin


  1. What a great post and amazing pictures!

  2. Great photos Helen - I do love your Devon Diary. Lol re the 'Bathorse and Dobbin' quip!

  3. "Dobbin" is really The Joker in disguise - he's only 12.2 but has a mind of his own. If he wants to be in _that_ field, then he goes in _that_ field,regardless of the fact that there is a hedge/gate/fence in the way. He has also learnt how to undo the bolt on his door and if he kicks the door hard enough the kick bolt at the bottom also comes undone - and from there its trot across the yard, nibble at the bolt on the feed shed door..... these ponies have a brain and use it!
    Our Rosie was an intelligent pony, but a dullard compared to this Exmoor. He was born on the Moor, so has several hundred generations of wild pony behind him. Anyone who thinks ponies are boring doesn't know ponies1 (and incidentally it would be hard for a child to ride him because even Kathy can't always control him! He's like a tank! :-)

  4. Excellent post Helen. I was very interested to learn that there was actually a side-saddle show. It was also interesting to learn about the possibility in jumping while riding side-saddle. Kathy looks lovely! I love Horses but have not ridden since my late teens. I feel quite envious!

  5. Anonymous4:36 am

    What beautiful. Kathy is very talented and her horse is lovely.

  6. Thank you Gollygilly and Susanne - the National Side Saddle Show is at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire 2-4th August (details: http://www.sidesaddleassociation.co.uk/nationalshow.htm ) Entry to watch is free!

  7. Maureen10:22 am

    What en elegant daughter! Love Batman and Dobbin.

  8. thank you Maureen! I am very proud of Kathy

    1. Me as well :-)

    2. :-) not that we're biased at all.... LOL

  9. Biased....me.......never!! LOL


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