21 May 2013

breaking news!

The Hollick family episode of #EscapeToTheCountry 
airs at 2.15 on Tuesday 28th May on BBC1 
 see how we found our lovely new home here in Devon!

I'm afraid it's only on UK TV though - I'll have to think of a secret way of getting the DVD we'll be sent to my US and OZ friends.... (have to be careful of BBC copyright etc, but if I can put it somewhere private and send the link only to people who ask for it as a personal viewing.... I'll look into how to do this!
 E-Mail Me if you'd like to be sent such a link if I can sort something out.

For those of you in the UK - you can see it on BBC i-player if you miss the episode: info here

May 28th
2.15 p.m.
Jonnie helps a novelist mother and her horse-loving daughter find an equestrian home.

Jonnie Irwin's house hunt gathers pace as he helps a novelist mother and her horse-loving daughter find a charming equestrian home for £620,000 in the Devon countryside. Plus, Jonnie learns why cob forms the building blocks of Devon's architecture, and how the use of this natural material is far from mud in the 21st century.

Don't believe all you read .... £620.000?
Where'd they get THAT figure from????
Actually, I can't remember the maximum we set the budget at now, I think it was about £550.000.
As it happened we didn't need as much as that....

Just hope I don't look too much of a chump on TV :-(   I am already having jitters about it - mainly because when they filmed at our old home in Walthamstow we sat at a table & I'd used an old tablecloth that was in desperate need of being shown an iron! I hope it doesn't look too awful *worry*

Of course, a wrinkled tablecloth could be the least of the alarming bits!

I'll tell you all about what went on behind the scenes after the show has aired!

~ ~ ~

Also, I'm pleased to announce a new make-over of my website

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You may also be interested in the special "additional items" area of the website - designed for subscribers only.
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Particularly item 09 .....
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Curious? Well enter the H2U Portal, receive the link to the Zone - and enjoy!

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