20 May 2013

our Baz

Happy, Happy Dog!

photo : Tony Smith


  1. Oh yessss! That's what I call a happy dog! Lucky little guy.
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Alex - when you think that two months ago he was wandering the streets abandoned, lost, lonely and very frightened.... it churns my stomach to know that such a lovely, lovely dog was just discarded like he was a piece of litter.

  3. Great photos of him! What a gorgeous young pup he is!!

  4. Anonymous6:36 pm

    What lovely pics! He has such a lovely, glossy coat! Wonderful to see him happy!

  5. He is the most wonderful dog Debbie - we have been so lucky to be the proud friends of three wonderful dogs now, the first was Nesta, a Lakeland Collie, the sweetest natured, most gentlest dog ever. Then we had Rum - always laughing and wagging his tail. How anyone could have hurt him deliberately I don't understand, but he was a rescue dog - as a pup he had been cruelly treated by previous b*strds (they used to put his food bowl down then kick him in the head. My blood boils even now....) When we lost Rum - we had him for many years - we didn't think we'd be lucky enough to find a fantastic companion. But Baz found us when we went to the Dogs' Trust in Ilfracombe. He was in his kennel and his eyes locked on Kathy, his gaze never leaving her as she walked round looking at the dogs who needed new homes.
    Baz was meant to come to us... All he needs to do is learn to stop chasing my cats! :-)

  6. What a gorgeous dog..just watching you on tele bazaar! Good luck guys :0)

  7. Nic, when we filmed for Escape to the Country we had our dear old dog, Rum. He moved into our lovely new home (the first one we saw on EttC) but sadly we lost him a short while after moving. Baz comes from the dog rescue centre in Ilfracombe - he was found wandering the streets abandoned. He is the most gorgeous dog - and isn't it lovely to see him smiling!


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