17 August 2013

Well, well, well.... Update (1) August

Not sure if i've entered a time warp or something - if this is August I hate to think what November is like.... Bloomin' cold and wet.... can I really believe that a few weeks ago I was worrying that our well was running low because of the four week heat-wave we'd been experiencing?

Talking of the well....

This is the door to the well (it's more of a covered spring really)

inside the door is a tunnel...

(note the black spot on the right hand wall....)

the back wall and roof of the well
with the  electric pump that sucks out  the water..

.... and the well itself
(this is looking DOWN into it)
6ft across, quite a few feet deep....
the black is not a hole - its deep, dark, cold, 
pure spring water!

this (below) is that black spot mentioned above....
and the reason why I won't crawl into that tunnel.....


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    1. and it is delicious - much better than the bottled stuff you buy!


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