25 September 2013

Autumn is sneaking up the Taw Valley

There is a distinct chill in the air of a morning and evening - and oh goodness it is almost dark at 7.15 p.m (and interestingly, about the same degree of light/dark at dawn at the same time.)

Every morning this week the valley has been misty - so beautiful to see the swirls of white 'Devon Dew' - this photo was taken from my bedroom window back in the spring, I must remember to take the camera up to my bedroom to take an updated view.

Meanwhile (and don't hold your breath in anticipation for that previous statement) here are some early autumn photos of the orchard:

Front Garden

Roses and hips

Windfalls at Windfall Farm!
Rose hips and honeysuckle

Sybil in the garden
The Orchard gate

That's my study window (the Window to the West)
 & the side gate into the back garden

And up in Top Field...

... no, not the horses....
(OMG - just look at that view! And it's MY view!!!)

  and  damsons

and blackberries

so I have spent the afternoon making -

And blackberry gin - and damson rum liqueur
(the mushrooms are for breakfast!) 

Yummy! :-)


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