05 September 2013

The Fruit in the Orchard

It has been exciting watching the trees in the orchard come into blossom and gradually develop fruit. Our only problem - no idea what the varieties of fruit are!
Some of the apples are obviously cooking apples (mmm yum apple & blackberry crumble!) but no idea what the eating apples are - or some of the other fruits (I want sloes so I can make sloe gin - no idea what wild sloes are like though :-(
Anyway - enjoy the tour of the orchard!

Getting ready for our chickens - shed and run
anyone any idea what this tree is?
outside the kitchen window


  1. I've waved the photo in front of Brian and we both agree it looks like a Hawthorn... :-)

  2. ah yes, you could be right Wendy. Oh well you'll both just have to come to tea again to make sure.... :-)

  3. Hi there
    I'm a bit green around my nose... envy you about the orchard. We've got only one apple tree, and this one didn't produce any apple this year *sniff*.
    Have a great Weekend!

    1. We've still got to harvest it all yet though - that'll keep us entertained for a few days!


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