17 November 2013

A Walk In The Woods

We asked an expert woodsman to come and clear all the very overgrown brambles - which has resulted in us gaining a couple of acres of extra grazing, and means it is now a lot easier to walk through our woods!

So, come take a virtual walk with me!

we start in Lower Wood ....
Our boundary fence, through the woods
The  Lower Windfall
(on the other side of our boundary)

Looking through the trees to Bottom Field

This makes a superb seat!
and this is the view from the seat!

I laid this log bridge over a very boggy hollow
.... and up into Middle Wood

another view of the Windfall
- still on the other side of the fence though

and this is OUR side of the Windfall
- this is where it goes under the boundary fence

a little further along...
turn around - and there are the Windfall Falls

and close-up
 (apologies for it being a bit blurred)
The horses - looking up the bank from Middle Wood

Leaving Middle Wood, up the bank (by-passing the horses!)
and there's Top Wood
You can just see the Windfall running along the bottom
Looking back over Middle Wood
View from the Lane looking over to our neighbour's farm
Top Wood from Top Field
now home ...

...to a nice warm kitchen for a cup of tea

Sybil the cat, happily curled up on Baz's bed!


  1. I swear, your place must be the prettiest place ever to live on!

    1. It is! (well we think so!)

  2. The woods are looking good, Helen. Mind you, being Welsh, I love woods. We prefer woodland to the open field; better for ambushing - Romans, Saxons, Normans. Bring 'em all on! LOL

    There's a medieval Welsh poem which refers to the legendary enchanter Gwydion who animates the trees of the forest to fight as his army. Taken from a 14th-century manuscript known as the ‘Book of Taliesin,’ it’s a much older story. So you see, Welshmen and woods go back a long way together.

    1. .... and as I'm part Welsh.... :-)

  3. Baz's bed under the table is a good spot. Dogs love to have a 'space' and that one is near the range - nice and warm. Our dog Tânwen sleeps under the stairs in our kitchen. She really did enjoy meeting Baz by the way, and running around the fields with him. But then, she is a complete tart and loves 'the boys.' LOL

    1. Maybe we ought to change his name to "Two Beds Baz" *laugh* seeing as he has his kitchen day bed and sleeps on the leather settee in the sitting room at night!

  4. That dog doesn't know he's born....LOL


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