17 November 2013

Autumn in the Lane

Had a nice walk with Baz the other day - took advantage of the rain stopping for about half an hour!
Autumn is sort of here, though the trees are not quite the spectacular colour you'd expect - I think everything has drowned to be honest! LOL

It might be that we've only had one frost so far. so the leaves haven't properly turned.

 Late afternoon sunlight illuminates the lane - 
note that the hedges have all been cut on the right hand side. 

up the lane....

One of our Oak Tree  -half way up the lane

The ford over the top part of lane up nearer the village
- only about an inch deep though!

Baz has seen something interesting

Just look at that sky!
Our Top Field Gate

... and back down the lane towards home
Top of the drive, that's the back of the stables

and the new addition 5th stable
 - it's a mobile building, so it can be moved when we need to


  1. Lovely pictures, thank you!
    Autumn is a beautiful time of year with the colours of the season.
    Thank you for posting. Best wishes

  2. Lovely photos, Helen. Thanks for sharing. You truly live in an Eden! ^_^

    1. although it's a bit of a WET Eden at the moment! :-/ LOL


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