28 January 2014

Birds ... and pheasants!

Throughout the day we have loads of birds in the garden - blackbirds, thrushes, blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, chaffinches, woodpeckers, (and the owls at night). I love hearing and seeing the buzzards soaring against a blue sky (when it is blue that is!)

These are not my photos (one day I might get a decent camera for myself!) but I found this fabulous site with so many beautiful photos I had to share them - the photographer is more than happy to share his photos as long as his page gets a mention. So thank you to Simon for your fantastic site.

Please do visit and look at his other photos. He has details of his equipment, web cams - all really interesting!

blue tit
female chaffinch
male chaffinch
collared dove
great spotted woodpecker
great tit
green woodpecker
tree sparrow
cock pheasant
link to the British Garden Birds website
British Garden Birds Facebook page

and every morning we have a Mother's Meeting under the bird feeders. At least eight hen pheasants gather, have a a good feed of all the seed that's spilt from the feeders, then the disappear as suddenly as they came, melting away into the winter-dead undergrowth.
The hens are quiet and unobtrusive - unlike the silly cock birds, who, quite frankly must be the stupidest of birds, especially when it comes to sitting in the middle of the road!

this hen is braver than the others, she often comes up to the patio to see what's available!

photo taken from our dining room window


  1. Wonderful blog, Helen, and what delightful photos. Love the idea of the Mothers' meeting...:)

  2. LOL - there is an old fallen tree in the orchard, the other morning the hen pheasants were all sitting on it - looked just like the village coffee morning! :-)


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