Wet Walk in the Woods

I'm a bit behind with some updates - on Friday (17th) I took Bonkers dog Baz for a walk through our woods.
We got a bit wet - and not because of my usual paddling in the Windfall Stream.
It poured with rain.

The Windfall is several little streams at the moment - and a raging torrent in places. Our one waterfall is now at least four! 

We recently hired a professional woodsman to come and clear all the brambles and dead wood and to make the whole area generally 'walk-able'.... thank you Chris!

So here's the result - enjoy the virtual walk!

(some of the photos are a bit murky - that's because of the rain!) 

up the drive
noticing the snowdrops...
the thingies....
and the violets
Bottom Field Boundary
looking over our boundary - note the nice natural log seat

a bit of a muddy tributary! 
through the woods -
notice the new easy access through the bank
Baz has found something interesting
Mum's Bridge
(or the Bridge That Mum Built!)
The Windfall - note the now cleared bank.
The waterfall in full spate
near Badger's Drift

somewhat boggy!
Upper reaches of the Windfall

Pirate Island!

loads of primroses are sprouting up now the bramble is cleared

looking back down through op Wood
and at Walk's End  .... the rain stops!

note the wet knees!


  1. Hi Helen, this blog is escapist reading for me! I love seeing your life in the country Thanks for the peek.

  2. Thanks Judith - its nice knowing there are people out there I can share my enjoyment with (and MY escapism!)

  3. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Hi. I just want to say that I am loving seeing how you are getting on with your new life! So many of us talk about what we would love to do if we came into a windfall. Well, I saw your TV programme, and am thrilled for you that YOU DID IT! All the best for your second year in the country. Linda

    1. Thank you Linda - it does still feel like a dream at times; occasionally I think that I've got to pack up soon & go home, then remember we ARE home! I so love it here - still have a few tears on a beautiful day when walking down the lane, I get so choked because itis so fabulous!

  4. If it didn't rain, we'd live in a desert. I'm a Welshman - I love rain.

    "Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger."
    Saint Basil


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