24 June 2014

A Beautiful Morning.

7.45 a.m. 24th June
There's a mist still clinging to the curves of the valley, and the two Sparrow families from The Hole In The Wall Nest and the Garden Gate Nest are having yet another domestic row between themselves. Just as well we can't understand what they are squawking about. 

Meanwhile, the Martin family have started their daily build (blimey, builders all over the place! click here for The Build ) The martins are building a brand new nest under the eaves of the flat roof of the existing extension. I just hope OUR build doesn't disturb them too much. 

Down in the hen house a couple of the Girls are clucking away announcing
a) we have laid our eggs
b) come and let us out
c) worms, we're missing all the best worms!
d) we want to supervise the builders when they get here.

Over in the neighbour's field there seems to be some sort of discussion between the sheep. Sounds like one of the Kevin-aged lambs has had a bundle with another Asbo Woolly beause there's a lot of "It wasn't me it was him! going on with their mothers yelling "You've no right to be a parent - look what your Lamby Lout did to my son!"

Did someone tell me that the mornings in the Devon Countryside were peaceful?

In the garden everything has grown very rampant this year: 

(excuse the addition of the washing line and pegs!)

we even have building out here!
Ron's turning what was a coal shed  into a pond
the yellow flowers are Evening Primroses (I think!)
I really don't remember these lovely purple flowers
(anyone know what they are? Verbenas?)
 being quite so enormous last year!

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  1. Sie haben einen wunderschönen Garten, Helena :)

  2. There's nothing better than the noise of the countryside, Helen :) I really love the photos of your garden....I can almost feel a story coming on!


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