16 June 2014

Making Hay 14th June 2014

We cut and brought in the hay fro Top Field...
Thank you to Robert & Andrew for cutting and baling it, and Matt for helping to bring it in (even though he was supposed to be on holiday!)
Oh and to Adam, Kathy, Ron & myself for working so hard!

cut, dried - are we ready to bale?

The first load...

and the next

poor snake came a bit of a cropper
 - lost the end of his tail :-(
and another load

the last load... waiting to come in
all done!

485 bales of sweet-smelling hay all stacked and safely in

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  1. "We cut and brought in the hay" - you sound as if you were born to this life, Helen. Bringing in hay is such fun and hard work, and satisfying, all at the same time. So sorry to read about your little foal though. The land and animals give us all of life's lessons, don't they?


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