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I took part in the 2015
 A-Z April Blog Challenge 

This is mostly going to be a picture post as I'm a bit short of time today.

Catkin Jack
Foxhunter Class
When my daughter, Kathy, was 13 she had her first pony - Rosie. We went to a local show and Kathy entered a small jumping class but she bottled out, even though there were only six jumps of about 2ft high.... it didn't matter though, if she was scared that was fine... ponies are meant to be fun.
When she got home, she was so cross at herself she asked to have proper jumping lessons.
Cygnus Tudor Rose - Rosie
I should have said no.

In the twenty years between then and now we've been to many of the big shows, jumping enormous courses with fences bigger than me (I'm 5' 3") We've had some disasters, some triumphs and some tears...but lots of laughs.

We've also had some fantastic horses - really good equine friends, many of whom, sadly are no longer with us.
Here are a few.

Keldawyth (AKA 'Splash')
jumping at the
All England Showjumping Coursee
Hickstead, Sussex

Catkin Jack

Saffie (our present horse) La Rafale

Free schooling at home
El Guapo (aka Frodo) takes the bank at the
Hickstead Novice Derby
A Lesson with Geoff Billington
 Kathy also rides aside - side saddle, her preferable classes are the Concours d'elegance - the costume class
Shinglehall Casino (Lexie)

Genuine Victorian Riding Habit
 And in case you are wondering....

yes, Kathy also jumps side saddle!

(and needless to say I am VERY proud of her!)

see more about riding aside here at Springwillow Equestrian

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  1. Awesome pics! Your daughter looks amazing on those horses.

    1. Thank you Nadine - she is amazing! Has some guts I can tell you!

  2. I can so relate to this post as Ellie is the same about eventing. Those pics are great and must bring back some lovely memories. Well done for getting to 'J' - I know some days are harder time wise than others... I'm the same!

    1. I'm enjoying the A-Z challenge, a couple of days have been a challenge (literally! But I'm ahead of myself with articles and have scheduled them, so so far OK!

  3. Beautiful animals. Your daughter is extremely talented.

    1. Yes she is - scares me sometimes when she's jumping though!


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