K is For...

...(Chimney) KINGS

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Several (ok quite a few) years ago a very dear friend of mine mentioned chimney kings. I had no idea what she was talking about until she pointed up and explained: "Look, Chimney Kings!"

I have to be honest I had never noticed the wonderfully different designs of chimney pots! (Probably because being so short-sighted I couldn't see clearly beyond the first floor windows of any house.)

Since then my dear friend has passed away, (I still miss her dreadfully especially knowing that she would have loved sharing my new life here in Devon) but her memory lingers on with the chimney kings.

I have three rescued chimney pots in my garden (carefully transferred from  my old London garden by the removal men). They are Chimney Serfs though, not chimney kings as they don't have crowns.

And why do I have them? Well as you can see, they make excellent flower pot holders.

And here's the King of them All .... our real, working, wonderful chimney pot... though sadly, still not a crowned King.

If anyone in Devon has one that they don't want..... hint hint.

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  1. i love these chimney kings and i will look for them now! i tried to put a link to my blog for my a-z challenge post, but i can't for some reason (my blog is a wordpress blog called The Fluff is Raging)

    1. Thanks Niall as soon as I've waded through my e-mails I'll track your blog down!

  2. I like those lovely designs on chimney pots, but I hadn't quite realised there was a whole hierarchy of chimneys!

    1. LOL yes from Kings down to the general hoy-polloy! LOL

  3. I love the elaborate chimney pots you have in the UK. Finding them in my area is a rarity.

    1. I don't think any modern chimneys are elaborate - mores the pity! :-)


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