O is For...

...On The Shelf

I took part in the 2015
A-Z April Blog Challenge 

I thought we could take a quick look at my bookshelves:

These two shelves are built into the wall
of what was, in the 18th century
the Parlour

close up:
up top books about Devon and the countryside
down below our lottery  Champagne wins!

bit out of focus sorry -
I'm too lazy to go back & take the photos again!

Now to my study....

My books and reference books:
very top shelf CD's
Left: my novels Right: horses in history side saddle
L: women in history 18th Century - R: pirates
L:  King Arthur - R ships and shipping
L: Roman Britain - R Jacobites, 17th Century & History of London

 above the CD's.... between the speakers
all the BIG books
Left side ships and shipping Right side History

these are all the nautical novels
mostly Parick O'Brian and James L Nelson

nearer the camera Anglo Saxon England, Normans, Vikings, 1066

Far end... Behind my chair... dictionaries, Devon reference 
(note how worn the dictionary is - I have to keep an elastic band round it.
Really must get a new copy!

 I have novels upstairs in my bedroom and the spare room 
and a few boxes in the attic of more reference books

Now for some unusual bookshelves
(not mine - I Googled for them)

You might want to shut your eyes for these next two:



sit back and enjoy my all-time most favourite 
You Tube Video

The Joy of Books


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  1. Your books are so...organized! I try, really I do, but whenever I'm looking for a book I have to root around quite a bit. Love the naked bookshelves! LOL

    1. They're not really organized - it just looks that way! If I had them I'm not sure where I'd put the naked shelves LOL

  2. I love those built-in shelves in your wall! Your 'traditional' bookshelves are way neater than mine (I need more to spread my ever expanding collection onto) but I can almost always lay my hand on the book I want without too much difficulty.

    Naked bookshelves were ... be still my heart! LOL!

    1. I treated myself to matching bookshelves in my study as the room is new built (it could be a conservatory in future years) I was going to make do with old stuff, but decided against - pleased I made that choice now

  3. I love seeing other people's bookshelves. Mine are much messier and would need a good tidying-up to have their photos taken!

    1. well I tidied up for the photos - and fortunately you can't see the dust! LOL

  4. I've got you beat insofar as books on shelves. My poor husband had to literally build me a new office where I have over a thousand books! ;-) But I love your indented shelves....very nice! I enjoy learning new ways to put books somewhere, haha ;-) Even better? With those built in shelves? You won't see the dust collecting ;-)

    1. I have a lot more books in boxes and I've given a lot to the local library as my sight isn't so good now and I can't read books with small print. As for dust.... what's that? (poor sight can be VERY useful! LOL)


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