18 April 2015

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We lost our old dog, Rum a couple of months after moving to Devon - he was old and finding it difficult to get around, but at least he had a few weeks to enjoy the countryside. (Rum was a rescue dog from Woodford Green Animal Shelter, Essex - he had been badly treated for four years)

Rum in his younger days
Then we got Baz - a rescue from Ilfracombe Dog's Trust. He is the most fantastic dog, really and truly one of the family. Baz was found abandoned in Ilfracombe, wandering the streets. Given that the Dog's Trust Centre is just outside Ilfracombe why couldn't the b*stds have handed him in - or even tied him up to the gate with a note instead of just dumping him? Makes me bl**dy mad!) 


Now that their annexed flat is finished, my daughter and son-in-law wanted their own dog. So, back to the Dog's Trust...

We had Tess for a short while, but she didn't fit in. After having chased the hens and ducks (catching one of them) and biting the cat I'm afraid she had to go back. (Glad to say I think she now has a suitable home)

So we were offered a collie pup instead. 12 weeks old, already had several homes... (why DO people who live in FLATS and WORK all day get collie pups???)


His name was Max but we changed his name to Eddie there being several Max's (canine and human!) in the Village... and he is super fun!

He gets on well with Baz, can already herd the chickens up (although he managed to get himself into the chicken shed, not the chickens) loves us, loves life... welcome to the family little lad!

helping Granddad sweep the verandah

meeting the lovebirds
guarding the fence-post-basher
 and for dog lovers everywhere...
      .....a dog isn't for life...a dog is for ever

very fitting for us!
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  1. Isn't Eddie a darling. Always hard to lose a special pet but so many need a home. Rather curious about the lovebirds. I wonder what their names are. Great post!

    1. Tell the truth I can never remember the names of the two birds! Not unusual for me .... I'm hopeless at names... is there a specific Dementia Zone I wonder for this? something like ' 'Nameblankmentia' or something?

  2. Some lovely cute puppies Helen.

  3. The video of Eddie and his toy caused my 6 month old Podenco puppy, Cristobal, to get on his hind legs and watch. He then sneakily stole my pate on toast, much to the annoyance of my lab, Charlie, who was patiently waiting for some crust. Breakfast is overrated.

    1. LOL I love the way Eddie flops down at the end!

  4. Eddie is a little sweetie. Glad to read that you adopt your animals from shelters. They certainly don't want for anything when they get to yours, Helen.

    1. He is a lovely little chap - such fun (and very intelligent!) I prefer to get dogs from the rescue centre - too many are being bred and breeders should not be encouraged, plus it is so lovely to see a dog who was mistreated find a loving home. (Our Rum was ver badly treated and Baz was found abandoned, wandering the streets in Ilfracombe.)

  5. Anonymous12:55 pm

    How wonderful! Both Baz and Eddie are gorgeous, so glad they've found happy, loving forever homes! xx

    1. Thanks Sienna - we're lucky to have found them!

  6. What beauties, all of them! We have decided not to have animals, at least for now, for several reasons, but I still love them and support local animal shelters. We have a "granddog" that is an absolute delight! In fact, we're meeting up with him and his dog parents for a walk in Central Park today.

    1. So nice to hear a sensible decision - I couldn't live without a fouur-footed friend of some sort - but circumstances dictate don't they?

  7. PUPPY! BTW, jerk dog dumpers are here too. my town is two and a half square miles. My animal shelter / Police Department is right in the middle of town. People will drive past my office to dump animals at the nature preserve. I've even had someone leave a create with a momma dog and month old puppies outside the police department with a note. People suck sometimes.and that's why animal control officers are not allowed to carry guns or Tasers. We would not use them on animals, can't say as much for the animal owners though.

    1. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Kelley - apologies for any delay in replying, I'm trying to catch up with everything! :-)

  8. After visiting your R post, I just had to visit the Puppy post! We just adopted our first dog about a month ago and she is helping me with my challenge this month. I just loved this post!!!
    Katie @TheCyborgMom

    1. thanks - apologies for any delay in replying, I'm trying to catch up with everything! :-)


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