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I haven't liked snow for many years - purely because of practical reasons. Snow makes travel difficult. You need to travel to and from home to a stable yard to see to the horses.

Izzy 2010 (now sadly passed away)
As a Mum I worried about Kathy getting there and back safely.

But that isn't a problem now - the stables (and horses) are at the end of the garden!

We do have to ensure that come November the freezers and cupboards are full, that we have sufficient feed and bedding for the horses and animals - and the wood shed is full of logs... just in case.

But we actually moved in on the day it snowed here in Devon ... so what the heck! The removal men got us in (although we took precautions to stay at a local hotel just in case). Kathy was stranded in London - she was supposed to have followed us down the next day, but it was unsafe to travel with horses, so she remained behind: by the time the snow cleared here in Devon London was snow-bound, so she eventually moved down an entire week later.

During that week - being snowed in - Ron and I unpacked and settled in. We had all the above food and wood essentials, and for the first time since childhood I thoroughly enjoyed the snow.
Whether I will do so next time though, we will have to wait and see!

Here are the photos I took...
January 2013

The Orchard
A walk in the lane
snow bound

Our Field
Our old dog Rum, enjoying the snow

more views of the orchard

Leaning On The Gate

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  1. Your pictures are lovely...makes me want to move to the country! I love the prettiness of snow...it makes the world look slow and peaceful :) I can't wait until we get a snow day with our new dog Emmie...I have a feeling that she is going to love it!
    Katie @TheCyborgMom

    1. Back in London snow looked awful - probably because the roads very quickly turned to slush - here in Devon it looks just like a blanket tucking everything up for the winter!

  2. So strange looking at your photos and about country living and snow as it so reminds me when we lived in Tredunnock in Wales (but without horses)

    Mars xx

    1. Wales isn't that far from Devon - just across the Bristol Channel in fact :-)

  3. Though I admit, I'm not a big fan of snow either. I absolutely love the photos presented here. Here in Milwaukee, we are quite familiar with snow. The first day of a big snow fall, I give it a pass because it's beautiful. After that, blech!

    1. I might feel exactly the same next time we have a big snowfall here - but with literally just moving from London and such beautiful landscape.... Wow! my first walk in OUR orchard and OUR field was in the snow - and it was fantastic!

  4. The snow is very pretty when it's white and, shall we say, already on the ground? Driving in it is not fun and in my corner of the world, getting 6-12" of snow (or more) in one storm is the norm.

    1. Catching up here - sorry for the delay in replying.... as you say is pretty but not always welcome!

  5. Oh, you had me until SNOW. For me, raised in the California desert and transplanted to the Florida coast, snow is a deal breaker. I lived in japan for 3 years. I agreed to not knowing the language, living off base and spending 3X the norm for fruit, but when it snowed I nearly left my husband. Nobody mentioned snow.
    Kelley’s Dog Blog - The A to Z of Dog Shows

    1. LOL - snow is fine if you've a nice warm fire to sit in front off and not hae to worry about going outside! Catching up here - sorry for the delay in replying....

  6. Your photo if the snow is pretty, but I do not miss shoveling snow back when I lived in the Southern California mountains. Unfortunately, they did not get enough snow this winter due to the on going drought.

    1. Catching up here - sorry for the delay in replying.... hmm snow shovelling.... I agree, maybe not!

  7. Izzy was a beautiful paint! My daughter has a paint named Prissy. The snow is beautiful, but I don't like it because here in SE Texas no one knows how to drive in it and I have to drive a 67 mile round trip each day to and from work.
    Nilsson had such a wide vocal range! It was absolutely mind blowing! I love "Everybody's Talking at Me"! I have never sailed in my life, but when I hear this song I can feel like I am sailing. And I love it!!!! I also like very much "One", which he wrote and Three Dog Night recorded.
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    with the A to Z Challenge

    1. Thanks Barbara - Catching up here - sorry for the delay in replying.... I intend to visit a few more A-Zeders now I have a chance to breathe!


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