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There is never enough of it.
Where does it go?
Why does it go so fast when there is so much to do - so slow when there's nothing to do?

If you are a Doctor Who fan this might help explain things:

or maybe a few clocks might help?

and for  extra fun: Who is the Doctor?

Did you know? the West Country is actually quite a few minutes different to the time in London? This didn't used to matter until the trains started needing a time table - so Time was adjusted to fit the railways.

Also.... if you are an Agatha Christie fan
there really IS a '4.50 from Paddington'.
I've been on it!

although I must confess...

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  1. Love all you clocks, especially the Cornish time and the Anti-aging one.

    1. Just a pity that the Cornish Clock isn't a Devonian Clock! LOL

  2. Love the writers' clock! And the anti-aging one, too. I love Dr Who and I think my favourite of all the doctors was David Tennant.

    1. I agree about David Tennant - although I did also like Tom Baker. I'm one of the people who saw and remembers the very first episode!

  3. Anonymous11:54 am

    I'm living the '5 days after the weekend' eCard every day! Funny!

  4. Ah David Tennant, and also Broadchurch, like seeing him act. I got here, after telling you the link was not working, I went to the page you had been posting the links on, and got to it. Thanks.

    1. Sorry about broken links :( I haven't seen Broadchurch yet - I'll watch on DVD


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