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The train from Exeter to Barnstaple is a single track, once an hour quirky line called the Tarka Line.
I used to travel on this line when visiting my Editor who lives in Devon ....
little did I know that I would eventually be living in a house that overlooked a small portion of this line near Umberleigh!

 The station is unmanned....

 often there's no one else there....

But how many stations do you get a view like this while waiting?

 and when the train does come....

you have to put your hand out to stop it!
Yep, it's a request stop!

Just over the road is the River Taw and Umberleigh Bridge

.... off to Barnstaple... bye bye!


Here in Chittlehamholt in Devon we have a Community Village Shop. 
It is entirely run by volunteers, was built with grants and donations.
Almost at the shop's second birthday, it is rapidly becoming the heart of the village.

  • Need a quick essential? 
  • (In our case usually sugar, milk or tomato sauce)
  • Forgotten to buy that birthday card?
  • Want locally sourced produce?
  • Fresh veg?
  • Devon Butter or Cream?
  • well, you know where to come!

Or what about a break while out on a sunny-day walk?
Pop in for an ice-cream or a cup of tea.
How about a hot chocolate or coffee?

All guaranteed to be served with a smile 
and a chance to have a chat and a laugh.

I don't help out in the shop (my eyesight isn't good enough to see the labels and use the till) BUT I run the Village Shop Blog Instead!

To me the Village Shop is what a country village is all about - so if ever you are visiting North Devon, do come to Chittlehamholt and call in at our shop!

all sorts if interesting things about our Village
photos, newsletter, a bit of history...

 our Village Newsletter

Finally a BIG thank you to everyone in the Village who, 
one way or another, keep the shop going! 

Website: www.helenhollick.net

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  1. That village shop looks like a fun place to sit for a while.

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z 2015 Cohost
    The Sound of One Hand Typing

  2. I love that unmanned railway station. Reminds me of the one that was on the dismantled railway (before my time) not far from my grandmother's house. There was a flag that you waved to get the train to stop.

    1. Waving flags sounds a bit like 'red flannelled petticoats' in the Railway Children! :-)

  3. The village shop looks so inviting!

  4. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. An unmanned station is something special. :)

    1. My pleasure to share - and yes I do find the station exciting (not least because you always wonder if the train will come or not!)


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