W is For...

...the Water of Life ... or Whisky to you and me!

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I'm afraid W is a big cheat as I'm a bit pushed for time, so I'm going to re-direct you to an article I recently contributed to Suzanne Adair's blog

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I'll be back tomorrow as usual with X....

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  1. No whiskey for me but you did make me grin.

    1. LOl I read that as "you did make me GIN" :-D

  2. I recognize that bottle on the window sill. The Famous Grouse. Add water and it becomes a 'low flyer'. I prefer single malt and one of my favourites is Glenlivet - 18 years old. Very smooth.

    1. Glenfiddech (not sure of the spelling!) was one of my favourites,,, that tiny bottle of Famous Grouse was the only one we had in the house!


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