X is For

this is an eX post - no idea if the goods are still valid!


and Xtra Large
( today is a bit of a sales market...


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  1. Love this post. Cathy's work is amazing.

    1. Thank you so much, Melanie! It was Helen who gave me a chance back in 2009 with designing a book cover for her, and I will be forever grateful for it.

  2. yes Cathy's vision for all graphics in whatever form is superb! I am SO honoured to have her designing my book covers, website etc!

    1. Thank you for having me in your blog today!! And I will be forever grateful for you taking a chance on a new designer back in 2009. We've created beautiful work together!!! And you are one of my best mates. ♥

  3. Hi Helen,

    I fell behind your posts, and have been catching up, but the link to Timey Wimey does not seem to be working properly. So sad, I loved the title and wanted to know how good it would be.

    1. Timey Wimey link now fixed! http://leaningonthegate.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/t-is-for.html

  4. I do appreciate a good bit of Artsy Fartsy 🎨✏️ #GreatTalent Cathy


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