13 August 2015

Make Hay While The Sun Shines...

.... never a truer word!

For the last few months we've had a lot of rain.... not always every day, but on enough days to not be suitable for Haymaking. This involves, cutting it, drying it - turning it and drying again... then baling and bringing inb. Wet or damp  hay goes musty and ndusty - and can cause fires as it combusts.

Last weekend we had a "window of opportunity" from Thursday to Sunday when the forecast gave dry weather for four days.... so we went for it!

Luna surveying her dinner!

Hay is cut....

hay is baled...

hay is brought in....

Mab the cat surveys her cosy summer residence!

last load.... of several.
We had 540 bales
One empty field...
until next year!

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