06 August 2015

Update on the Pheasant Chicks!

well, it has been a couple of weeks now since 15th July when we found a dead hen pheasant in our quiet back-of-nowhere lane - along with five of her orphaned chicks (and sadly, several dead ones, also run-over)
(see previous article here )

but  look how the four surviving chicks have grown!

they live in one of the stables now - on a diet of fruit, hard-boiled egg and meal worms. They will soon be getting their full adult plumage and when that happens we'll either let them out into the front garden (fairly enclosed) or  transfer them to a run in the orchard, let them settle, and then open the door.

 If they then want to stay they can (we'll put food down and keep their nest box for them) but they are wild birds and once full grown will need to return to the wild - and take their chances with nature (and sadly, the foxes)

We are expecting that they might just decide to  hang around though - but we'll have to see..


  1. Haven't they have names yet? Do any of them have a personality and come to you? So happy they are doing well!

    1. Yes they all have names - but to me they all look alike, so I just call them The Chicks. They do come to Kathy, but I've deliberately taken a step back from getting them too familiar with us because they are wild birds, not pets.


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