29 June 2016

The Hickstead Derby Meet (Photos)

Kathy and Adam with Ashley as groom  (and Lexie and Saffie as the stars of the show) 

a few photos from a very wet week at Hickstead 21st - 26th June

(not in any particular order!)

On their way

The course is set...
an evening Pimms
Light refreshment....


The Amateur Derby  15 fences (technically 17 as some had two parts)

(Kathy had 24 faults, that's 5 poles down - but its the first time she's managed to complete the course, so we're thrilled!

5th in the Ladies Side Saddle on Lexie
(Kathy - second from right)
(photo: https://www.facebook.com/UltralightPhotography )


  1. Helen, thanks for sharing. They're great pictures. It's so nice to see your daughter pursuing her passion for equestrian sport. To finish such a difficult course is such an accomplishment. You must be very proud. : )

    1. Yes I am proud, we've struggled over the years to help Kathy with her sport, its been hard, financially, at timesd - but it has never been about the winning, its been about enjoying it. Getting round is a huge achievement!


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