A new meaning to 'leaning on the gate'....

Naughty Exmoor ponies : they leant on the gate....

 ...and we got a phone call from the 'neighbours' (over a mile away at the far end of the lane)
at 6.45 a.m ....

"Have you got two Exmoor ponies and a donkey...?"
"...Er ... yes..."
"Not any more *laugh* I've got them!"

So up the lane to retrieve them...

and walk them back down the lane...

then put them where they can't (huh!) get out until the broken gate is mended!

Naughty ponies - and donk! LOL

22nd August 2017


  1. Sounds like you've had a major farming incident there! Sort of a "Frexit". :)

  2. Hooray for strong-willed Exmoors - and even more for caring neighbors!

  3. Little monsters! *laugh* (love them dearly but goodness do they have minds of their own!)


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