14 November 2017

Somewhat Late Update


We have another horse - Pip. She came to use, needing a new home at the end of October. Lovely mare, very sweet temperered.

her stable name is Pip (registered name Wexford Schoolgirl)

a hack up the nearby bridlepath
overlooking Park Farm

earlier in the month we had to re-do a lot of fencing because of...

...This 'orrible lot!

The Donkey has been chewing Mr Mischief's tail... 

and for Remembernce Day,Kathy clipped a poppy into Lexie's rump


  1. It seems you are well on your way to becoming a sanctuary for ponies, donkeys, and other critters.
    I trust Pip knows how lucky she is.

    1. I don't know about 'on our way'... I think we already are!


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