For Sale!

These are images of "Windfall Farm" from the estate agent's brochure, 
so they depict the previous owner's home,
The furniture and "homeliness" inside has now changed to become our home

The orchard
 at the back of the house
The Front of the house

The back of the house
now COMPLETELY changed as we have extended the extension
(see menu bar THE BUILD)

The white extension to the right is 20th century
the stone bit is circa 1770

middle field

front garden
Top Field
upstairs landing

Top Field
The stables
back to the kitchen
master bedroom
was my study -
now Kathy and Adam's kitchen
(see The Buld)
Dining room

study - now gone
as it is now a kitchen
The dairy
The front garden is behind
 the bank and hedge to the left
The gate to front garden and  house is
behind the photographer's left shoulder
The day we moved in!
(the photographer in the
pic above now has his back
 to the dairy)

we bought the house  after appearing on BBC TV's Escape to the Country


  1. Anonymous6:40 am

    We in the US can see 'Escape to the Country' on I ran across the show a few months back and my husband and I are hooked. So tonight we got to see your episode. I think this is one of our favorites -- due to the horses aspect, and the lovely, peaceful setting you have. Wishing you many, many years of happiness in that idyllic spot.

  2. Oh thank you for that - I'll let people know!

  3. This really makes me want to pack my bags and move to England!

    1. I know what you mean Ursula!

  4. Chris Harrison4:35 pm

    It was so wonderful to see a family actually buy a house on the programme. So often I watch and you never know what happens to the folks afterwards. In this case I've not only been able to share your journey but I've discovered a new author and her books to explore as well. I hope you will all be very happy in Devon ( my father's birth place) and look forward to reading all about your adventures on your blog - so thank you for sharing it all with us.
    From Christine in rural Lincolnshire - yearning to sell up and move to Northumberland!

  5. Thank you Chris - I felt I had to share the adventure of finding and buying our home because it is so lovely here I wanted to share what I could.
    True Good Luck is rare, and we were blessed with a huge dose of it - keeping it all private just didn't seem right somehow.

    It is up to us now to make the happiness continue - and we do smile a lot more than when we were in London!"

    For yourself,I hope the yearning stops soon and the doing starts!

  6. The kitchen pictures are great. Love everything about that room but mostly, the clothes horse, pot rack and Aga and not necessarily in that order.


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